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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Anyone there?

I'm sure that's what you've asked. Where on earth is Jen & why hasn't she blogged in over a year?! Well....been kinda busy. My sweet & beautiful Princess arrived 8 months ago and it's been non-stop since the first cry. Brady has really "grown up" lately. He started 3 year old kindergarten last week & has really been loving it. His teachers are wonderful, and I finally feel like he's in the right place. I feel comfortable each time I leave him, which is a huge deal. His 4th birthday is only days away and I can't believe he's going to be 4! Seriously?? Wasn't it just yesterday that he was learning to walk? Lila-Jeanne is sprouting. I blink and she grows another size. She has been scooting all over the house (making good use of all my hardwoods). She just started pushing up on her knees & rocking her little bootie-crawling will probably come any day now. I am overwhelmed by blogging again. I feel like you're expected to blog daily, and I just want to know how these people have the time to make a blog post every day. I have so much to update that this could easily be 20 pages! The short version: Life is good, my sweet babies are perfect & make me smile daily, 2009-2010 were crazy, hectic, insane, years, 2010 has been an AMAZING year, finally settling in (after a year) into our home, made some wonderful new friendships, let my hair grow out looooong, found a church home, and discovered a new enchilada recipe. :)